Language Arts Instant Assessments for Data Tracking Resource Book Grade 4

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Upgrade your classroom data tracking system with a book that helps monitor student progress in fourth grade language arts.

With Instant Assessments for Data Tracking: Language Arts for fourth grade, showing proof of progress is easier than ever. This book includes a combination of formative and summative language arts assessments on topics such as:

  • parts of speech
  • theme
  • fluency
  • decoding words
  • capitalization


Packed with ready-to-go language arts assessments that cover the skills and standards for fourth grade, this teacher resource book will help you create a data tracking binder to help gather accurate information on a student’s or a class’s skill level in a variety of ways, including:

  • traditional tests
  • prompt cards for one-on-one assessments
  • unit tests
  • exit tickets


Tracking student growth in language arts will be easier and more organized than ever with Instant Assessments for Data Tracking. Designed to help you stay ahead, this series makes it easy for you to monitor and prove progress—one assessment at a time.